Silent Disco

So how does it all work?

In a nut shell its headphones instead of speakers. You are actually setting up a local radio station. The transmitters broadcast the music and the headphones pick up that signal.

How many channels are the headphones?

Our headphones are 3 channels. The colours on the headphones correspond to the channels. Everyone on the red channel is listenning to the same song etc

In all of our hire packs we provide three transmitters so you can braodcast to each of the channels.

Do I need access to power?

We have two types of transmitters. If you have access to power our stand transmitter are perfect. If you are on the go or in a location without power add the Battery Power Upgrade on the cart page

Are music devices included?

Our silent disco hire packs do not include music devices by default however you can hire ipods from us that have premade playlist on them.

How far from the transmitters do the heaphones work?

Battery Transmitters - 50m

Standard Transmitters - 100m

Does the signal go through walls?

Yes! often for a house party we say that the host should setup the transmitters in a room where guests will not be going (like the laundry) and the guests can dance throughout the house or backyard.

Do you provide staff or run the event?

No, we are a equipment rental company only.

Booking Process

How do I book?

The easiest way to book is online! If you have specific questions you can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

Can you deliver?

Yes we can delivery via a third party courier. Simply select delivery at checkout. The courier will deliver to your address by 12pm on the day of hire. They will send you a text when they are on their way. To return just have the headphones ready to go by 10am on the final day of your hire.

What happens if a headphone is lost or damaged?

There is a fee of $50 per headphone that is lost or damaged.

Pickup and Return

Where do I pick up from?

14 Templestowe Rd Bulleen

When are you open?

We are open 9am - 9pm, 365 days a year! How do we do this.... our pickup loaction is not staffed. We send you a unique code to the door, you let yourself in and take your equipment!

Do I need a big car?

All our hire packs come in plastic storage tubs. we can fit a maximum of 50 headphones in a tub. So if you are hiring more than 100 headphones you will have 3 tubs and the size of your car will start to become a factor. For smaller hires it will be no issue at all.

What happens if I am late to return my hire?

First you will need to let us know as your code for the door will no longer work.

You will be charged a fee of $100 per day for a late return and this will be taken from your security deposit